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Petrochemical is a major industry in Iran. As an important source of non-oil revenues, it plays a
significant role in the expansion of local industries, the development and localization of technologies
and the growth of its downstream industries. The history of Iran’s petrochemical industry goes to 1963
when a fertilizer plant was built in the city of Shiraz. One year later, the state-owned National Petrochemical
Company was established to spearhead the development and policy-making for the industry. During
1964-1977, Razi (ex-Shahpour), Abadan, Pazargad, Ahwaz Carbon Black (ex-Iran Carbon), Kharg, Farabi
(ex-Iran-Nippon) and Shiraz expansion projects were built. During this period, a large portion of Bandar Imam
Petrochemical Co. (ex-Iran and Japan Petrochemical Co.) was completed.

  • Marum Petrochemical CompanyMarum Petrochemical Company
  • Laleh Petrochemical CompanyLaleh Petrochemical Company

About Us

V.V.K.F Ltd. is one of the major exporter of petrochemical products from Iran to many regions.  The company has been established to work in different industries such as pharmaceutical, industrial machinery, petrochemical, and agricultural.  As the result of recent sanction lifts in Iran, the company has joint multiple partnerships to expand its market and services domestically and internationally. The new changes has brought the opportunity to itself and its partners to benefit from the new resources and flexibility.


Vision & Mission

Even though the  majority of the company’s revenue is coming from export activities, the company has been emphasized on the new technology imports in the form of techniques and raw materials.  This decision has been made towards the country’s long-term mission which requires the participation of large companies to increase the country’s industrial advancement.  There are situations where we participate in fulfillment of country’s shortage of special needs such as prescription drugs and medical supplies.



V.V.K.F Ltd. has been the right partner for many manufacturing and trading companies.  From the raw material sourcing, to local technology management and distribution, we help our partners to be succeed like the way we approach ours.  Because of the networking and experience we have in the Iran’s market, we are able to facilitate and accommodate your needs and expectations by making our resources available to you.